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When should I tan?: The ideal time to get a spray tan is 24-48 hours prior to your event. Some clients prefer to tan during the day so they can rinse the solution off before going to bed, other clients prefer to tan in the evening, wear it to bed and  wake up to a gorgeous tan.  Each client has their own preference, either way, choose a time when you are able to wait 12-16 hours before you shower, swim, exercise and sweat so the tanning solution can work its magic.  If you cannot wait 12+ hours, there is a quick process formula that is available.


Prior to your spray tan: You should shave, shower, and exfoliate at least 12 hours before your appointment, and refrain from applying deodorant, lotions, cosmetics and perfume to your skin prior to your appointment. Make sure that if you are planning on doing a facial, pedicure or waxing, it is done prior to getting tanned. You should have loose, dark clothing and sandals to wear after your tan. 
Upon your arrival: A consultation will be given to gain an understanding of your expectations for the spray tan and learn what your skin is like in order to create a fully customized spray tan formula.  You will be provided with all of the information you need to know, in addition to the do's and don'ts and all the tips and tricks! You will then be directed to the spray room to undress and prepare your skin. Depending on your preference and comfort level, you may wear your swimsuit, your own undergarments, purchase disposable undergarments  for $1/each, or if you prefer, you may also go 'tan line free' during your spray tan session. Phoenix Glow offers a complimentary upgrade that most of the competition charges $5-$15 for; this pH balancing skin prep is to ensure the tan comes out even and beautifully bronzed. The pH skin prep removes any remaining oils or cosmetic products that linger on the skin and gives the ideal, clean slate to produce the best results. The tanning agent (DHA) works best when skin is at a certain pH level, to allow proteins in the skin to interact with the DHA and create the bronze color on the skin. This is merely one of the ways that Phoenix Glow focuses on the science behind spray tanning and skincare to deliver highest quality tans each and every time.
During the session: The actual spraying is the quickest part of your appointment. You will be sprayed by a technician with your customized solution (see "Upgrades" tab for more information on how to customize). The equipment used utilizes the newest technology and no cost is spared when searching for the perfect application gun with the best atomization of the spray solution to provide a seamlessly smooth and well applied spray tan on your skin. This is the best spraying tool on the market and the application gun is considered one of the most influential roles in creating the perfect spray tan.


After your tan: You will thoroughly dry and then dress. The technician will review after care instructions with you and you will be provided with more information than you may want or need, but successful spray tans are a result of educated technicians and clients, high end products and equipment, and the proper aftercare expectations, instructions and skincare products. The technician will make tan care and skin care product recommendations based on your consultation and desired results. This concludes the session. From start to finish the appointment takes 20 minutes. You should not use lotion, deodorant, makeup, or wear tight clothing until you shower off the solution. If you will be sleeping with the solution on, wear a lightweight, long sleeve shirt and pants to prevent the solution from being rubbed around on your skin while you sleep. Also, you may choose to use dark colored towels and sheets the day of your session in order to avoid any bronzer transfer; although, the bronzer will easily wash right out of most materials.

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